2018 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T 3.9 V8

2018 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T 3.9 V8

Registration date 19-07-2018

Miles 2900

Transmission Automatic/Paddle Shift

Engine size 3855cc

Exterior colour Argento Nurburgring

Interior colour Black and Red Leather


Registered on the 19-07-2018.
A supercar with 4 genuinely useable seats. Sounds like madness doesn’t it? Well, not anymore because the legendary company called Ferrari (ever heard of them?) has made it possible.
But before we get into that, let’s just clear ourselves up on what this car is classified as. It is actually classified as a hatchback! And the proper terminology for that ever so unique yet beautiful shape is a “shooting-brake.” It is stunning. Instantly recognisable as a supercar from its extremely long bonnet, its carbon cooling vents, black quad exhaust pipes, its large front splitter and that insane rear diffuser. Now, if you’ve got a moment, just admire the photos of the cars and try to really get a feel for how indescribably gorgeous this car is.
Driving any Ferrari is an experience like no other. The noise of the engine, the low seating position, the looks you get as you drive past, but this one is just something else… You can genuinely drive this car every day without compromising on too much. You can actually go to the shop and get all your shopping in the boot, you can have 4 people in the car and still be able to hit over 170mph and you can do all of this without being shaken around the cockpit because the suspension is adjustable from soft to sport! It is so intuitive and completely changes the idea of a supercar.
The Italian’s are known for their impeccable leather skills. Everything is finished perfectly and yes, “perfectly” get used loosely but in a Ferrari, you can take the meaning literally. The door cards, the seats and the dash are absolutely divine. There is nothing quite like it and if you delve into the finer details you will realise that every single tiny little aspect of this interior has been thoroughly thought out and planned for flawlessness. Now, my favourite “finer detail” would have to be the passenger information screen. It is a £3,000 optional extra that entails a small screen being installed on the passenger side and it gives them the ability to see some super unique information like; the music that’s playing, a compass telling you which direction you’re going, what gear your driver is in, how fast you’re going, what g-forces you’re pulling and even what driving mode the car is in. You can expect many many features like this in the GTC 4 Lusso T…

Factory Fitted Options Include:

Adaptive Headlights
Red Brake Callipers
Front Air Vents in Carbon Fibre
Carbon Fibre Central Bridge
Carbon Fibre Hub Caps
Cavallino Stitched on Headrest
Black Tailpipe Tips
High Emotion Low Emission
Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel + LEDS
‘Scuderia Ferrari’ Shields
Navtrak Anti-theft System
Passenger Display
Inner Leather Inserts
20″ Forged Dark Painted Rims
Colour Standard Stitching